FSA seeks views on vitamins and minerals in food

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The UK’s Food Standards Agency has launched a new consultation to ensure up-to-date lists on which vitamins, minerals and vitamin formulations can be used in foods.

The consultation, initially for England, is looking at updating the references provided in the Addition of Vitamins, Minerals and Other Substances (England) Regulations 2007 to reflect changes at European level, specifically to lists in annexes I and II of Regulation (EC) No. 1925/2006.

“These lists have already been amended once and are almost certain to be amended in future,” stated the FSA. “EFSA has recently published a positive opinion on the use of ferric sodium EDTA as a source of iron added for nutritional purposes to food supplements, foods for particular nutritional uses and fortified foods.

“In addition, the FSA, on behalf of petitioners, submitted 14 dossiers for addition of substances to annexe II in January 2010; the competent authorities in other EU member states may have done the same,” it added.

The consultation is not limited to England, however, with parallel regulations also due to consultations in other parts of the United Kingdom to run concurrently.

The FSA is asking three main questions to food businesses that manufacture or sell foods fortified with vitamins or minerals:

1. Do you have any comments on introducing an ambulatory reference to Regulation (EC) No. 1925/2006 into the 2007 Regulations?
2. Will the proposed regulation impose any new burdens on your business?
3. Will the proposed regulation impose any new burdens on your enforcement authority?

Stakeholders have until 23 June 2010 to respond. Further details of the consultation, and feedback questionnaires, can be found here .


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