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A new college is to open in the autumn with an aim to increase acceptance of an integrated approach to health. The new college called the College of medicine has emerged from the now closed Foundation for Integrated Health, a charity established by HRH the Prince of Wales. It closed in April after a criminal investigation by Scotland Yard into money laundering and fraud. Eventually George Gray, the finance director, was charged with stealing nearly £253,000.

The College of Medicine aims to raise the acceptance of „an integrated approach to health” and is targeting the public, politicians and doctors. They intend to do this through publishing films, books and journals and by running courses.

Many doctors already accept the value of integrated medicine believing that by taking the patients’ personal circumstances and beliefs into account, their well being is improved. Some of these doctors include complementary therapies in their practice along with conventional medicine, but this makes them seen as controversial.

Some scientists are unhappy about the new college being set up as they don’t believe that complementary medicine has any effect and consider it a waste of taxpayers’ money if funded out of the public purse.

All four of the directors of the new college were either fellows or directors of the prince’s charity, but none of them were accused of anything during the investigation.

Professor of pharmacology at University College London, David Colquhoun, is a well known critic of alternative medicine. It was he who obtained the details of the College of Medicine from the registration documents that were filed at Companies House.

Colquhoun said about the “constant claim of alternative medicine enthusiasts that only they appreciate the caring side of medicine,” that it “is simply not true.” He continued: “If I’m ill, I want above all to be cured. I don’t want to be given magic beans and left to die. However caring the treater may be, the treatment fails if I’m not cured.”

The college was actually registered as the Foundation for Integrated Health, but the directors later changed the name. A slide show produced under the Foundation for Integrated Health name stated that the new college is: „a new strategy to take forward the vision of HRH Prince Charles,” and that „It is the evolution of his Foundation for Integrated Health’s work to date.”

A spokesperson from Clarence House revealed that although the Prince of Wales does know about the new college, he „has not been involved with setting-up the college, is not launching it and has no official role with it.”


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